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Phoenix Chorale

Started in January 2009 as an auditioned SATB youth choir, Phoenix Chorale provides opportunities for young singers in the Cambridgeshire area aged 13 to 24 to rehearse and perform a wide ranging and constantly changing choral repertoire to the highest musical standards. Since then the choir has swiftly gained a reputation for its exciting programming, and its dynamic and versatile performances of large-scale choral works accompanied by orchestras and ensembles, music for the church liturgy, madrigals and part songs, arrangements of folk songs from around the world, vocal jazz arrangements and contemporary works.

The choir rehearses on a course basis, meeting for 10 days spread out across the year and culminating in one or more concert performances. This unique approach to rehearsal scheduling allows singers the time to develop and hone their singing technique and musicality, and to study a huge range of choral music in an unparalleled level of detail.

Comments from our current singers:

“A unique opportunity to be treated as a fully functioning, professional group that works together to rehearse and perform an extremely high quality range of exciting music”

“The high standard of Phoenix has helped me to increase my musicality and it has allowed me to experience new styles of music”

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