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Phoenix Training

Phoenix Training is made up of singers from school years 5 to 9, who have often been recommended by their primary school singing leader or singing teacher as a committed and talented singer. It is also possible for individual singers to join without a recommendation, and we are always delighted to hear from, and offer advice to enthusiastic young singers who might be interested. Prospective new members are encouraged to attend a free trial session at our next appropriate rehearsal, to experience the way the group works and decide if they want to join us.

Performance opportunities for Phoenix Training exist as guests at Phoenix Chorale and Phoenix Network events as well as giving performances in their own right. Here the emphasis is also on developing the singers’ choral and musical skills in preparation for a Phoenix Chorale audition at an appropriate time.

The singers work with the full team of professionals who direct and coach the auditioned choir. This gives younger singers the unique opportunity to benefit from high-quality vocal coaching and world class musical direction geared specifically towards their needs as developing musicians

The choir rehearses on a course basis, meeting for a mixture of weekend and early evening weekday sessions spread out across the year, including several concert performances. The schedule is designed specifically to allow enthusiastic but busy young singers to take part, and to get them used to rehearsing over longer periods of time, and in greater depth, in preparation for singing with Chorale

Comments from our current singers:

“I attend Phoenix because I enjoy it. I enjoy working on such a variety of music to a high level, not something I do with other choirs.”

“The best thing about being in Phoenix… being with like-minded, same-aged people who all have the same aim, to make amazing music and have fun!”

To join Phoenix Training, or register your interest in the choir, please click here