Below are links to some of our friends – please get in touch if you think we might want to include you on this page.

Stapleford Granary
We are incredibly fortunate to be able to call this our home, where we do the majority of our rehearsal courses, and where we store our music library. Owned and converted by the ACE Foundation (who kindly support the choir financially), the Granary is a fantastic centre for chamber music in Cambridgeshire.

Fulbourn Primary School
Our “go-to” rehearsal venue when the Granary is unavailable – a lovely school who make us feel completely¬†at home whenever we visit.

St Andrews Church, Stapleford
“Where it all began” – the venue for Phoenix Chorale’s first ever concert, back in 2009. Since then, we’ve rehearsed and performed here many times.

Cambridgeshire Music Hub
A superb resource for music making across Cambridgeshire, we have been fortunate enough to receive support from, and be closely linked with the Music Hub. We hope to continue and build on this relationship to help provide outstanding singing opportunities across the county.

Prime Brass
An exceptional brass ensemble, who just happen to be based in Cambridge. We’ve performed with Prime Brass musicians on several occasions, and can’t wait to work with them again in the near future!

Little Designs
We would be absolutely nowhere without the huge help and guidance from Little Designs that we’ve had over the years – all the flyers, posters, website pages, not to mention our logo and overall design!

Alice the Camera
Similarly, we are incredibly grateful to Alice for all that she did for the choir early on, including a lot of the photography. She is now based in London and produces stunning photos, specialising in wedding photography.