About Undergraduates

Phoenix Undergraduates

There is now an opportunity for older singers (post sixth form/18+) to remain part of Chorale, and further develop their skills towards working in a professional singing environment. Phoenix Undergraduates pay a reduced fee (see the Join Us page for current fees and attendance requirements), and are expected to attend a specified minimum number of rehearsals as well as performing in the concerts. Scores and markings are all made available in advance of these courses, and Undergraduates will be expected to arrive to the rehearsals prepared and with a sound knowledge of all the repertoire – providing an opportunity to experience a way of working which is much more in line with a professional choral singer’s experience.

Generally, singers who fall into this category will have sung with Chorale as a full member for at least one season, but it is also possible to audition into the group at this level. The audition process is similar to that set out for Chorale (see Join Us), but the difficulty levels of the aural and sight singing exercises are higher, and the standard for entry is raised in line with the higher skill set required to work at this level.

To join Phoenix Undergraduates, please book an audition through the Chorale form here