How to join us


To join Phoenix Training, you should be in school years 5 and above and will often be recommended by a singing leader that knows you well, but we are delighted to hear from all enthusiastic young singers, so please do get in touch! We will invite you to attend a free trial session at our next appropriate rehearsal, to experience the way the group works and decide if you want to join.
Fees for the year 2017/18 are £100.

To book a place in Phoenix Training, please click here


We hold auditions by arrangement with the music staff. Upon a successful audition we will allow entry into Phoenix at the next appropriate point (i.e. not just before a concert). Members of Phoenix Chorale must be between the ages of 13 – 24. Fees for the year 2017/18 remain frozen at £380 (equivalent to only £38 per day), which includes loan of all music, all course singing days, tuition, rehearsal and vocal coaching and regular newsletters.


For Undergraduates, the fee for 2017/18 will be £152. For most singers the mandatory 4 day attendance will be the two concert days, and the rehearsal day immediately before each concert. In some instances, where attendance at the mid-year concert is not possible, the expectation will be the concert day and rehearsal day immediately before, plus two other rehearsal days of the singer’s choosing.

All Phoenix Undergraduates are, of course, welcome to join us for as many additional rehearsal days as you are able to the benefit of the choir as a whole. These would be charged at the normal rate of £38 per day.

To book an audition for Phoenix Chorale or Undergraduates, please click here

The Audition

The audition lasts about 10-15 mins, and runs like this:

1. We will listen to your vocal range. This is not a test, it is just for our info. We may use the information to decide which voice part to put you on if you are successful in your audition.

2. Students are asked to prepare a song to perform. This can be in any style, but it is advisable to pick something that shows up your strengths, and covers a reasonable vocal range. Please bring along sheet music for your song so that we can accompany you, if possible.

3. We will give you some aural tests, which will include: singing back a melody; pitching some intervals; picking out a note from a cluster chord to sing back to us – eg. ‘Can you sing the top note of this chord….. and the middle note of this chord…’ etc

4. We will give you a piece of music to look at and then ask you to sing to us ‘at sight’. We are not looking for perfection here, but to see how you make sense of it.

We hope this information is helpful, and very much look forward to meeting you!